Wikipedia Collaboration Project Introduction

23/11/17 17:30 - 18:30

The Wikipedia Project Collaboration is launching in Manchester Dental School! Open to all BDS and BSc students, this event will give you a background to the project and will cover all the training needed for you to be able to create and edit Wikipedia pages on common dental topics.

The project will help you stay on top of advances in dentistry, learn analytical skills, is a great boost for your CV and a chance to become a referenceable author! Patients and the public will also benefit from accurate dental information being readily available.

Want to find out more?Come down to Samuel Alexander A113 on November 23rd at 5:30pm to learn more!

Key speakers include Professor Helen Worthington, co-ordinating editor of the international Cochrane Oral Health Group and Director of Evidence for Practice at Manchester Division of Dentistry. We are also delighted that our Dundee Dental School collaboration colleagues will also be joining to share their experiences, as well as more information on what you can expect from this new project.

Refreshments will be provided!