3rd February 2024

Workshops Information

See below for details of the afternoon of the BUDRC (what everyone anticipates most)! This year we have 13 amazing workshops for you to choose from! 

Have a look through the options and then select your preferred workshops here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejCm5cwKzVwBFsqbUjHWkN-EYfRNneFPOgnnyiiz-OtkKldA/viewform

Hands-on: Impression Techniques

Led by the renowned Dr Mike Gregory, this workshop promises to transform your approach to dental impressions, equipping you with the most effective techniques to elevate your impression game! Plus, you’ll have the unique opportunity to practice both on phantom heads and with your peers. Get ready for an invaluable hands-on experience!

Hands-on: Endodontics

We’re excited to re-introduce a workshop that really is the root of dentistry! Join Dr Shakil Umerji as he explores the theory of digital innovations in endo, whilst focusing on the shaping and obturating of teeth as the primary practical aspect. Equipment is kindly provided by Dentsply and Sendoline! You’ll also be given a pair of loupes during the session to trial courtesy of UK Loupes!

Hands-on: Facial Aesthetics

Have you considered going into the field of facial aesthetics? Here you can get a taste into what it is all about! An introduction into the world of facial aesthetics awaits you and is being presented by a leading Facial Aesthetics Dentist, Dr Tara Francis! You will get to practise on model heads and learn a variety of skills to kick start your facial aesthetics journey. This workshop is open to ALL years!

Hands-on: Implants

Since this year’s conference is all about AI in dentistry and technological advancements, our implant workshop with Dr Adnan Safdar, is one of our crowning glories! You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals, clinical importance and impacts of dental implantology in dentistry. You’ll then be guided through placing an implant in a model jaw, with equipment kindly supplied by OXY Implant Dental System.

Hands-on: Anterior Composite

In this fantastic hands-on workshop, Dr Billal Arshad shares his top tips for the perfect anterior restoration guiding you through the process from start to finish. This is a great opportunity to hone your restorative clinical skills and really elevate your work. Join us for a great session lead by one of the best in the field! Sponsored by NSK.

Please note there is a £10 additional cost to this workshop due to cost of materials. The session is aimed at BDS 4 & 5 and BSc 3.

Hands-on: Suturing

We present you with the return of our suturing workshop! Dr Dhru Shah will teach you how to tie up loose ends on your knowledge of suturing! You can practice your dexterity and learn new tricks to tie the perfect knot! This workshop is suitable for ALL years!

Hands-on: Occlusion

Introducing our occlusion workshop! Have you always struggled with occlusion? We have the wonderful Prof Riaz Yar to help you master the tips and tricks! This workshop is suitable for ALL years!

Hands-on: Hall Crowns

Delve into the art of the Hall Crown technique with Prof Siobhan Barry, a distinguished Professor and Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry. If you’re particularly interested in paediatric dentistry, this is your chance to gain hands-on experience and valuable insight into the Hall Crown technique – an event not to be missed! This workshop is suitable for ALL years!

Hands-on: Onlay Prep

Join Dr Rizvi as he guides you through the clinical context of the onlay, followed by a live demonstration. You’ll have time to practice the prep yourself hands-on with guidance from one of the best in the restorative field. This is a fantastic opportunity to elevate your clinical work and gain some professional insight into onlay preps. This workshop is open to ALL years and also provides a great opportunity for those who haven’t started their clinical skills courses yet. Don’t miss out! Sponsored by NSK and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Students are welcome to bring their loupes along if they have them.

Hands-on: Orthodontics

Back by popular demand, Dr Javidi, Dr Schwabe and Dr Trill have returned to guide you through ‘Retention in the world of orthodontics today’. Sharing their invaluable insights and expert tips for successful orthodontic treatment, you’ll even have your chance to do some bracket-bonding & wire placement on models of teeth first-hand! Teeth models, brackets, we’ve got it covered – so if you missed it last year, here’s your chance! This workshop is suitable for ALL years! Sponsored by American Orthodontics.

Hands-on: Posterior Composite

Dr Jin Vaghela has expanded his forces, now with the expertise of Dr Paul Midha, Dr Fahad Sheikh and Dr Kish Patel. The more the merrier! You’ll be given expert guidance on how to restore selected posterior teeth whilst learning to preserve the morphology. This is a must for future dentists wanting to get a headstart in their careers. Sponsored by Smile Dental Academy.

Note: There is a £10 additional cost to this workshop due to cost of materials. This session is aimed at BDS 4 & 5 and BSc 3.

Talk: Social Media

Are you dreaming of launching a jaw-dropping dental Instagram page but feel lost on where to start? Or maybe you’ve dived in but your page isn’t sparking the buzz it deserves? Fear not! Join us for a Social Media Masterclass with experts Joe Lovett and Dr. Chinwe Akuonu! What you can look forward to:

  • Get ready to unlock your unique selling point and that special something that sets you apart in the dental world!
  • Learn the art of captivating your audience and keeping them hooked on every post, story, and update.
  • Transform your career and explore the thrilling opportunities that await you – from getting published to becoming a revered key opinion leader and sought-after ambassador for top dental organizations.

Join us for an experience that promises to not just enlighten but spectacularly entertain! If you’re ready to elevate your dental Instagram game you won’t want to miss out on this golden opportunity!

Talk: BDS & Beyond

BDS & BEYOND, with Facial Aesthetics Clinician, Dr Anjuli Patel. In this workshop, Anjuli will be talking about her dentistry journey into facial aesthetics and other exciting things! You can think of your different pathways after dental school starting here! This workshop is open to ALL years!

Talk: Photography

Clinical photography makes up a major part of portfolio building, self-reflection and social media marketing. Learn how to take the perfect clinical photographs with this insightful workshop from Dr Simran Bains and Dr Harry Craig, two passionate and talented educators in the field! Photography is part of your CPD in the working world and essential for business building … so why not start now! The talk will cover how to use your kit (with a live demonstration) and maintaining patient confidentiality on social media, whilst still being able to show off your best work. You won’t want to miss it! Sponsored by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.