22nd January 2022

Workshops Information

See below for details of the afternoon of the BUDRC (everyone’s favourite section)! This year we have 13 amazing workshops for you to choose from!

Have a look through the options and then select your preferred workshops here: https://forms.gle/rpqRoeuAJkLnnLHs6

Hands-on: Rubberdamology

Ever struggled with a clamp? Get some tips and tricks to help you master the art of the rubber dam, then have the chance to implement them to isolate a quadrant! Suitable for all years!

Hands-on: Implants

Another firm favourite is back! Learn about treatment planning in implant cases and get the chance to practise placing an implant using models. Give yourself this competitive edge for after dental school and potentially direct your future career path! Suitable for all years!

Hands-on: Perio Skills

Everyone says Perio non surgical treatment doesn’t work… It’s not the Perio, it’s the patient and the technique! Learn super tricks and tips from specialists on how to carry out effective RSD / non surgical treatment that you’ve never learnt before! Suitable for all years!

Hands-on: Hall Crowns

Learn about the use of the novel Hall crown technique from a Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry and get the chance to practise placing your own! Suitable for all years!

Hands-on: Max Fax

Get a taste for max fax with the chance to do some mandible fracture plating! Also have the chance to talk to trainees about the OMFS training pathway. Suitable for all years!

Hands-on: Facial Aesthetics

Interested in the world of facial aesthetics? This workshop will give you an opportunity to learn more about how facial aesthetics can fit into your dental career and how to get into this field! This is your chance to learn about injecting, aspirating, the process of marking up and much more – you don’t want to miss out! Suitable for all years!

Hands-on: Suturing

Back by popular demand, our Suturing workshop will help you to learn and practise essential surgical skills such as suturing techniques & knot tying under the guidance of skilled professionals! Suitable for all years!

Hands-on: Posterior Composites

Learn the art of posterior composites with this exclusive double session which will give delegates a step by step approach to recreating morphology on a LR6. Receive mentoring from the world-renowned Dr Shiraz and up your composite game!

⁣⁣*Note: There is a £10 additional cost to this workshop due to cost of materials. This session is aimed at Year 4 and 5.

Hands-on: Anterior Composites

This exclusive double session will give delegates the chance to build up class IV defects with composite. With NSK portable handpieces and materials you may not use at university, get an unique opportunity to learn and implement a different approach to anterior composites. 

*Note: There is a £10 additional cost to this workshop due to cost of materials. This session is aimed at Year 4 and 5.

LA Techniques

Using the Immersify Dental app, this workshop will help bridge the gap between local anaesthetic theory and practical to help you feel more confident in this key skill. Get your mobile devices ready for this interactive experience! Suitable for all years!

Treatment Planning for Function & Aesthetics

An amazing opportunity to meet and hear from the master of smile design! Learn the planning process to achieve both function and aesthetics for your patients, with the use of real life case studies. Suitable for all years!

Dental Radiology Made Simple 

Dental radiograph interpretation is a difficult skill to master. Luckily, we have Dr Lee Feinburg – a Consultant in dental radiology, on hand to give his tips and tricks! In this workshop you will also get the opportunity to hear about dental radiology as a career. Suitable for all years!

How to own and run a practice

The charismatic Chris Barrow – trainer, consultant, coach and mentor to dental professionals for over 20 years – will help you discover whether you’ve got the leadership skills required and the organisational structure in place to build the practice you’d like to own and run. Get one step ahead of the game before you’ve even graduated! Suitable for all years!