Intercalation – Is it for me?














Date: Thursday 17th November 2016
Time: 5:30pm
Venue: School of DCPs Seminar Room, 3rd Floor Dental Hospital (staff entrance)

Dental intercalation information session for student years 1, 2 and 3. Come along to this session to find out more about intercalation, what it is, the benefits and hear from current students who are intercalating.

This session will be massively beneficial and intercalation will be massively beneficial for future CV and job applications, especially those considering an academic route. Intercalation is a great way to take a year out from Dentistry, do something different that interests you and gain an additional degree. It is a huge programme with our Medical counterparts but sadly the dentists do not get involved much and we believe this is because you guys don’t any information about it, that’s where we come in!

It is set to be a great session. The speakers feature Dr Rebecca Craven who is the academic lead and senior tutor. We will also be hosting to Dr Sue Astley who is the MMS lead for intercalated degrees.

There will also be past intercalated students who will go through their time as intercalating students and share their insider knowledge.
Q&A Session to get all your questions answered.

Refreshments and certificates of attendance will be provided!

**Note** You can only intercalate after years 2&3 so don’t miss out on this information session!!