Manchester Undergraduate Dental Research Society

British undergraduate dental research conference

Inspiring dental students through research

World Renowned Speakers

Each year, Manchester Undergraduate Dental Research Society are honoured to host speakers who are world leading in their field, ready to inspire the next generation of dental professionals.

Expert Led Workshops

With an afternoon packed full of workshops led by experts, delegates are given the opportunity to learn brand new tips and practice their new skills in hands-on workshops.

Trade Exhibition

Delegates have the opportunity to visit and network our wonderful sponsor stalls and learn about new materials, equipment and services, some of which can also be tried during the workshops.

Research & Clinical Case Competitions

A unique opportunity for undergraduate students to be inspired and showcase their research or clinical work in a competition, judged by Cochrane Oral Health group.

Key facts

The BUDRC is the first of its kind in the UK as a national undergraduate research conference

Initially starting as an idea in 2014, the British Undergraduate Dental Research Conference 2015 was the first of its kind and had resounding effects across the country. After the success of the first conference with over 200 attending students, we hosted The British Undergraduate Dental Research Conference in 2016, 17, 19, 20 and 2021. The conferences got bigger and better every year. In our last conference, we scaled new heights through the virtual conference despite Covid-19 restrictions. Speakers included world-renowned dentists who presented some cutting-edge research, as well as talks on career-building. Participants were also given personal suturing and composite kits to participate in the hands-on workshops from their own homes. Want to know more? Take a look around our website and make sure to follow us on social media for updates! We are looking forward to host our 7th conference in-next year for all the enthusiastic undergraduates from all over the country.

  • General Feedback

    percent of people said it was well organised

  • Speakers and conference

    percent of people said that the speakers were varied and interesting and it has contributed to their professional development

  • endodontics workshop

    percent of people rated the hands-on endodontic workshop as good/excellent

  • Photography Workshop

    felt more confident with dental photography techniques after the workshop compared to before

2022/2023 committee

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Rashmini Arnold

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Sabina Rahman

Society Advisor
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Celeste Ling

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Yasmin Egonu

Conference Chair
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Rashmini Arnold

Conference Co-ordinator
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Safa Shareef

Conference Co-ordinator
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Daniel Westhead

Events Co-ordinator
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Mariyah Aseri

Creative Director
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Shivani Chohan

Social Media & Graphics Liaison
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Raihan Qadir

Creative Editor
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Choudhury Rahman

Treasurer & Sponsorship Liaison
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Caitlin Collins

First Year Representative
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Sana Thagia

First Year Representative

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