Intro to MUDRSoc Wellbeing Events

With exams fast approaching, the MUDRSoc has a selection of wellbeing events scheduled for this term to allow you to destress and really ace this years finals!

The University of Manchester has found six ways to well-being. These are six actions that can make you feel better and can be key to maintaining well-being:


  1. Connect

This is all about maintaining and building social relationships. This can be with family, friends and the community around you. You can fulfil this by calling a loved one, joining a new club, volunteering and supporting other friends.


  1. Give

Any small action such as holding a door open for a stranger to volunteering in the local community can all be ways to keep well and make you feel better about yourself.


  1. Be Active

Making sure we take time to be physically healthy is key to overall wellness. Finding a new sports team to join or simply going for a walk can be a way to fulfil this.


  1. Be Healthy

Being aware of health in our day-to-day lives is an important part of wellness. Simple things like getting a good sleep, cooking something new and spending time outdoors can all be ways to achieve this.


  1. Learn & Discover

Taking up something new in your spare time can be a great way to manage the time you do have to work. Reading a book or joining a language class can all be ways to maintain wellness all year round.


  1. Take Notice

This involves taking time during your day to notice the world around you and focus on how you are feeling. You can achieve this by meditating or take time away from technology.

This final point is one we would like to make key to all dental students by introducing our TAKE NOTICE PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. In order to ensure you are taking notice of the world around you and taking time for yourselves, we would like you to take a photo of something you found beautiful, interesting, inspiring etc and send it into us via email ( or via social media. We will post these on our social media platforms and the winner will win a £10 Amazon Gift Card. The last date for entries is April 30th 2018.

Exam season can be tough for all of us and if you need more support don’t forget about the places and people below:


Our event timetable for our Wellbeing Events are:

Posture and Stretching Workshop – Wednesday 11th April

Canine Takeover: Dental Puppy Petting Day – Monday 23rd April

Yoga Session – TBC

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