Introducing the committee 2019/2020

Hello and welcome to the first blog of the year!

We are thrilled to introduce you to the new committee members for this year, giving you an insight about how we will be working together in order to bring you exciting events as well as organising the anticipated annual British Undergraduate Dental Research Conference.

And so without further ado,

The President of the MUDR society:

Neelam Khan

year 5

As President of MUDRSoc this year, it is my responsibility to oversee all aspects of running the society and support our committee members in their roles. I hope to be able to lead the team in building upon our successes of the last couple of years.

Vice President and Conference Chair:

Sumaya Al-Attar

Year 3

This year I have the honour of chairing the British Undergraduate Dental Research Conference 2020 – A Probe into the Future. We have an exciting new conference format, with inspiring DentTalks, a poster competition and new workshop ideas! My role also involves supporting our committee members and I’m very excited to share what we as a committee are working very hard to achieve!


Sabina Rahman

Year 2

As Secretary I am the first point of contact for the society via email. I help support the President and Conference Chair, whether it is by organising meetings, writing minutes or liaising with everyone on the team to make sure everyone is up to date with their tasks for the week. I am very excited to see the society thrive this year!

Saif Fallaha, year 3

Conference Co-ordinators:

Saif Fallaha & Nikita Dzyuba

As Conference Coordinators, our responsibility is to assist the Conference chair in organising the British Undergraduate Dental Research Conference. We are excited to create an event which involves new workshops, inspiring speakers and a chance to meet other undergrads from all over the UK. We look forward to meeting all of you at the conference!

Nikita Dzyuba, year 4


Miriam Jiagbogu

year 3

As treasurer my role is to manage the society’s funds. This involves keeping a careful watch on our finances as a society and also ensuring the society remains sustainable.

Sponsorship liaison:

Karim Akram

Year 3

My responsibilities for this year will involve contacting and liaising with potential sponsors to increase their brand exposure and awareness at the annual conference, working closely with Treasurer. My aim is to ensure students get an insight on the differences many companies are making in the dental community, making every day easier for dental students and dental health care professionals.

Website Manager and Blogger:

Jumana Alasad

Year 4

As website manager and blogger I will be making sure the website is up to date and easy to navigate. I am also responsible for writing, editing and posting blogs. We will be taking entries this year so make sure to contact us if you want to write something for our blog!

Marketing Co-ordinator:

Mariah Aseri

Year 3

As the Marketing Co-ordinator, I am primarily in charge of curating exciting content on our social media platform to promote the wonderful events held by MUDRSoc! Near the conference, my role is to liase with dental students and staff from other dental schools, and post thrilling conference progress updates – make sure you keep an eye out on all our social media! (@mudrsoc)!

First Year Rep:

Yasmin Egonu

Year 1

I aim to enhance engagement of first year students with the society and in particular; promote society events which will aid the studies of first year students. I hope to be able to connect students and researchers together by means of a new volunteering network. Overall, I am here to support the running of the society in any way possible and I thoroughly look forward to getting involved in the planning of our conference!

We are bringing back some of your favourite events and more this year and we are especially excited for the annual British Undergraduate Dental Research conference. Keep an eye open for future announcements and blogposts and make sure you engage with us as a society.

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