Introducing the New Committee 2018/19

Hey guys! Welcome back to the MUDRsoc blog. It’s been a few months since we’ve last posted, but in the time that’s past, we have been busy recruiting new members to join the committee, as well as planning lots of new and exciting events for you all to attend, not forgetting the annual British Undergraduate Dental Research conference!

Lets not keep you in suspense! I introduce to you to the new MUDRsoc committee members for 2018/19…



Group picture: Tara Kang, Sumaya Al-Attar, Shihan Vandy-Brown, Edward Smalls, Neelam Khan, Nikita Dzyuba, Megan Clarkson, Mariyah Aseri, Ali Al-Naher




Name: Neelam Khan

Year: 4th

Role: MUDRsoc Co-president and conference chair

Hometown: Oldham

Outside uni most likely to be found: Reading MCU fan theories or watching K- pop music videos.





Name: Edward Small

Year: 3rd

Role: Co-president

Hometown: Newtownards, Northern Ireland

Outside uni most likely to be found: Avoiding work at food markets





Name: Ali Al-Naher

Year: 3rd

Role: Treasurer

Hometown: London

Outside uni most likely to be found: Researching the latest developments on how to watch Netflix for hours on end, without letting social/work life suffer.






Name: Megan Clarkson

Year: 3rd

Role: Events Coordinator

Hometown: Derby

Outside uni most likely to be: seen in my football kit or roaming the streets of Fallowfield.





Name: Shihan Vandy-Brown

Year: 2nd

Role: Secretary

Hometown: London, (originally from Sierra Leone)

Outside uni most likely to be found: at the gym!





Name: Mariyah Aseri

Year: 2nd

Role: Social media and marketing

Hometown: Manchester, (originally from India)

Outside uni most likely to be found: at a thrift shop looking for discount garments!







Name: Nikita Dzyuba

Year: 3rd

Role: Wikipedia project lead

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Outside uni most likely to be found: North campus, Oxford road, Ali G and Main library.






Name: Sumaya Al-Attar

Year: 2nd

Role: Conference Coordinator

Hometown: Manchester

Outside uni most likely to be found: Photographing my travels.




And last but not least…me! I’ll be writing the blogs and managing the website this year, so to put a face to the words:


Name: Tara Kang

Year: 4th

Role: Blogger and website coordinator

Hometown: Wolverhampton

Outside uni most likely to be found: Sleeping and eating, (then trying and failing to balance it out by going to the gym!)






Stay tuned for all of the latest updates, regarding any upcoming events we are planning, as well as future blogs on various other clinical topics throughout the year. Not only this, but soon I will be interviewing Dr Angela Ly – ‘Best Young Dentist 2016’ who previously studied Dentistry at UoM, so keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss out on any great advice she has to offer!







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