Introducing the New Committee for 2017/18

The new committee has been selected and we would love to introduce them to you…

Congratulations to Saiba Ghafoor, this year’s MUDRSoc Committee President! Rejoining MUDRSoc after last year, Saiba now she continues to put in her hard work and bring all her new ideas to this year’s committee. Having just started 5th year, Saiba is managing to juggle constant exams and patients, as well as making sure everything runs smoothly for the society and making sure all our events are useful, informative and appealing to you, our audience.

‘I am very proud of what the society has achieved so far and know we will continue to grow. We have a enthusiastic and dedicated committee and I look forward to working with everyone to bring their ideas to life, to help all students make the most of their dental school journey!’

Fourth year, Kaumal Saddique, will be joining the committee as this year’s Vice President. This year is a busy one for Kaumal as she will start her outreach clinic and is looking forward to working with children and giving them stickers! As well as loving all things teeth, she enjoys keeping fit at the gym and love swimming. She is also keen amateur makeup artist and enjoys catching up with friends and family in her spare time.

‘I cannot wait to put on events that are bigger and better than ever before for each year group – I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for MUDRSoc!’

Neelam Khan is thrilled to be your Secretary for this year’s committee. She’s just started third year and is keen to gain more clinical exposure and putting her knowledge into practice. When she’s not studying, Neelam is a keen sketcher as well as volunteering in her local community and slipping in the occasional Marvel film into her schedule! This year she sets her own goal of getting more third years involved in the committee and we can’t wait to work with her!

‘I am thrilled to be a part of the committee for the society this year and am looking forward to building on the success of the previous years’

Ayoola Bode takes her place on the committee as the Treasurer. This is her second year so she will be getting her paitent very soon – even though she is understandably nervous, we know she will do great! She looks forward to helping out with the many more events for Manchester students that we plan to have this year. A keen lover of anything Spanish, Ayoola loves catching up on her telenovelas, as well as volunteering at the youth group of her local church.

‘I’m looking forward to being part of an amazing society that truly looks out for students and is here to support them, throughout their university journey.’

Self-professed cat lover, Aman Sabih, joins the committee as the Social Media Representative. Having only just started at Manchester, she is ready to throw herself into life at dental school and is going to be a great addition to the committee this year. Like many first years, she is looking forward to the hands-on anatomy sessions that we are lucky to have here and is sure to keep you all updated on our upcoming events this year!

‘I feel honoured to have been selected to be part of the MUDRSoc committee in my first year. I can’t wait to be involved in the upcoming events’

First year, Sumaya Al-Attar, will be this years Events Co-ordinator. New to the University of Manchester, she has already picked up on the close knit dental community and is looking forward to the early clinic and clinical skills exposure she will get later this year. In her spare time, Sumaya loves travelling and photography but also catching up on TV shows, and is especially looking forward to the next season of Stanger Things!

‘I am so excited to be a part of MUDRSoc from my very first year of university! I’m looking forward to planning and organising events that everyone can benefit from and enjoy.’

Edward Small re-joins the committee this year as the Lead for the Wikipedia Project. Now in his second year, he is looking forward to starting the project this year and providing Manchester students with this unique opportunity. He is incredibly excited to see his first patient before the end of semester one and will look forward to getting his close-knit year group more involved with the committee. Ed loves learning new languages, visiting the rest of the UK and trying the diverse food scene here in Manchester.

‘I hope we can give everyone the events they want throughout the year and make this the most successful year yet!’

This year’s Graphic Designer is Rosheena Ghous. She will be in charge of designing all the posters that will be inviting you to our events throughout the year. Currently in fourth year, Rosheena has just started outreach and can’t wait to gain a lot more clinical experience this year. She comes from a big family and when she’s not studying, time is normally spent with them, occasionally celebrating up to two birthdays a week as well as managing to squeeze in a quick hot yoga session into her busy schedule!

‘Looking forward to a great year ahead with the committee, hoping to deliver fantastic events with the team!’

Hi, I’m Tara Bharadia and I will be the MUDRSoc Blogger for this year. I can’t wait to keep you all updated on the goings on within the dental school as well as giving you information on clinical subjects. I’m currently in second year so have a lot more clinical exposure this year which I’m looking forward to, as well as the physiology classes. I like to spend university breaks travelling and love making a mess with my local Rainbows group every week!

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