UoM Dental Hospital Rush for Lunch


Got a busy day of clinics and a short lunch break? Here is our list of some of the best places to get food around the Dental Hospital that will fill your stomach and won’t hurt your pocket.


  1. Filling Station

Up on the second floor of the dental hospital, you will find the Filling Station. The food is wonderfully priced and the staff are incredibly lovely. Here you will find a selection of hot and cold sandwiches and some particularly good cookies. If you missed breakfast, this place also has bread, pastries and even cereal available, so there is always something on offer.


2. Food Fair

If you are lucky enough to have a busy Tuesday, you may be able to pop to the UoM food market found right next to the JR Moore building. The food is a little bit pricier than your regular meal deal, but we can confirm that the food is great. If you want to try a new cuisine or treat yourself to a something sweet, there is something for everyone here, it is definitely worth the queues.


3. Morrisons

If you’re a fast walker and can inhale your food. The trek to morrisons and the infamous ‘round the store’ queue, may be the one for you. With a classic £3 meal deal, you can’t go wrong. There’s always a lot of choice on offer here and you can then hurry back to the Common Room and eat you lunch in peace.


4. Falafil Express

If you want to try something new or have any dietary choices, treat yourself to a falafel wrap. With freshly made flatbreads, a crunchy selection of vegetables and some great hummus, this place is a great twist on fast food. Even if you don’t want a full meal, there is a great selection of fresh juices and smoothies and it’s only a 9 minute walk!


5. Italian Express

5 minutes from the Dental Hospital, you can find an array of Italian fast-food. They have great deals for if you are dining with friends or particularly hungry. They have fresh pizzas, pastas and some great garlic bread. You get a lot for your money here and the walk back to the hospital is perfect to digest lunch before you go back to work!


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