What You Missed – Endo Fundamentals

On Wednesday the 28th February, the MUDRSoc held its second event in the Dental Fundamentals series, specifically on endodontic fundamentals. This talk was given to us by Dr James Darcey, a restorative and endodontic specialist. The talk aimed to cover the whole of endodontics from both clinical and bioscientific aspects – and this was definitely delivered!


He first talked about clinical competence and the importance of knowing what you are capable of, doing you best and always reflecting on your work. He talked about the pathology at a microbial level and the importance of having no presence of a biofilm by the time you get to obturation in order to promote healing long-term. Dentine hypersensitivity might be painful but does not have pulpal pathology therefore endodontic treatment is not needed. Below is the pulpal pathway after trauma:

Correct diagnosis was a key point of the talk and so was the importance of taking a good medical history, including a pain history in order to estimate pulpal states. And that these pulpal diagnosis’ can be determined by special tests like radiographs. Dr Darcey then moved onto the treatment phases and talked in depth about getting the correct access cavity, locating canals, pre-operative radiographs and the different techniques for cleaning and shaping. These include the crown down technique which is highly recommended by Dr Darcey. Irrigants were talked about in depth and the different uses of Sodium Hypochlorite and EDTA as well as techniques for cleaning. Obturation outcomes and techniques have been detabed and Dr Darcey talked through his top recommendations in order to provide a good seal coronally, apically and to entomb residual microbes.

Another big thank you to Dr Darcey for taking the time to put together a great talk for us! Below you can find downloads of the presentation given to us by Dr Darcey and access to the papers he referenced.



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